The objectives of the preliminary evaluation were to determine if the installation of reference signs at intervals more frequent than one-mile increments would improve the ability of emergency personnel to respond to incidents or accidents on the freeway system in the Cincinnati-northem Kentucky area. A short-term evaluation was conducted of white on blue and white on green reference signs on a three-mile section of 1-275 in Cincinnati. Based on field observations and supplemented with subjective opinions of emergency response personnel, the reference signs were determined to be a beneficial addition to the location information available to the driving public. The blue signs placed in the median appeared to be more prominent than the green signs placed on the shoulders. Spacing of the signs did not create an impression of unnecessary clutter and eight-inch number size was appropriate. A recommendation was made to install the white on blue reference signs in the median at one-tenth mile intervals on all interstates in the ARTIMIS Project.

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