This report presents another phase of a study on evaluation of paint stripes and glass beads. The results from the previous phases of this study indicated that large-scale, experimental evaluation of a 1.65 refractive-index bead and a large-gradation, 1.52 refractive-index bead was warranted. Poor embedment of beads, however, precluded the evaluation because the quick-drying paint used did not allow beads to be properly embedded. After progressive thinning of the paint with solvent, adequate bead embedment was obtained. Drying time, of course, was longer.

Attempts were made to obtain good embedment without extending the drying time. This included testing of a paint having a lower viscosity and by trials at lower temperatures and thinner applications. These efforts were not successful. A survey of other states indicated that over half of the 42 respondents were having a problem similar to that being experienced in Kentucky.

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