This report presents proposed safety improvements for Kentucky's toll roads. The primary methods of identifying needed improvements were an accident analysis and a field inventory. The accident analysis identified specific high-accident spots and sections. Also, accident rates were calculated for each toll road, and the types of accidents which had occurred in the 3-year period were summarized. A separate 10-year analysis of fatal accidents was made. The field inventory was used to identify roadway features which are now substandard and in need of upgrading. Also, high-accident spots and sections were investigated in the field. The benefits and costs for each improvement were estimated and used as input into a dynamic programming model used as a means of priority ranking the improvements. A total of 42 improvement alternatives were included in the analysis at an estimated cost of $58.5 million. Those alternatives with benefit-cost ratios greater than 1.0 totaled only $8.7 million.

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