To comply with Section 402, Title 23 of the United States Code, each state is required to prepare an annual highway safety program. Kentucky's program, which includes identification, programming, budgeting, and evaluation of highway safety projects, is intended to have a positive impact on the reduction of traffic accidents. The first step in the program, problem identification, requires systematic, statistical analyses of accident records. In-depth analyses of accident data were performed, and 29 problem areas were investigated. Accident rates were found for counties and cities in the following categories: total accidents; fatal accidents; accidents by driver age and sex; and speed-, alcohol-, and drug-related accidents. In addition, rates were reported for accidents involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, school buses, commercial buses, combination trucks, single-unit trucks, railroad trains, and emergency vehicles.

This is the second report on problem identification prepared for the Office of Highway Safety Programs. Last year's problem identification analysis was included in its entirety in Kentucky's Annual Highway Safety Plan for Fiscal Year 1980.

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