This study was to identify existing wetland/stream mitigation sites owned by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and assess performance of those sites including problems encountered and maintenance costs. Initial work determined that KYTC Districts performed actions to address wetlands/stream mitigation maintenance under the direction and funding support of KYTC Division of Environmental Analysis. KYTC also sought to identify best practices employed by other transportation agencies. A survey of transportation agencies in neighboring states indicated that most significant “best practice” was to obtain wetland management oversight by their state Fish and Wildlife agencies 5 years after the permitting process (Section 404 of Clean Water Act).

Currently, management of KYTC-owned wetlands does not constitute a significant expense or maintenance burden on the KYTC Districts. They are able to perform most wetlands maintenance with effective guidance and support of the DEA. No recommendations are necessary for changes in practice or scope of DEA/district actions.

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