The study identified 107 unique interactive services, and 13 unique information services on state vehicle regulation agency web sites. The average state has roughly 15 percent of all existing services. States with larger populations, number of registered vehicles and drivers tend to have more total services and transaction services. The general flow of the data indicates a fast level of growth, as companies and individuals embrace the efficiency and flexibility of online transactions. The W3C Unicorn Validator, Link Sleuth, Web Accessibility Checker and Hubspot Marketing Grader scores were combined to generate a web design score for each state. Washington received the highest score, followed by North Dakota and North Carolina. Kentucky received the lowest score, along with South Carolina and Ohio. The KYTC’s Office of Information Technology is developing several new applications for the DVR and its constituent divisions. The implementation plan also recommends the OIT review the reports from the W3C Unicorn Unified Validator, Xenu Link Sleuth, and Web Accessibility Checker to examine errors, warnings, broken links and known problems with Section 508 compliance. In accordance with the Hubspot Marketing Grader report, it is recommended the state create a comprehensive marketing plan for the Department of Vehicle Regulation, perhaps as a component of a comprehensive KYTC marketing plan.

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KTC-12-06/SPR 413-10-1F

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