Inspections were conducted on bridge modular expansion joints and deck drains to assess their performance. Forty-four modular expansion joints were inspected including 38 Wabo-Maurer and 16 Acme joints. Twenty-three elastomeric dams were also inspected for comparative purposes including 21 Transflex dams and 2 Fei-Span units. The joints were rated using a quantitative subjective rating system developed by Penn DOT.

Both the modular expansion joints and the newer expansion dams were performing satisfactorily. Both types of joints leaked and experienced a number of minor hardware problems. some of the joints may warrant repairs to restore their complete function.

Deck drains and drain outlet piping systems were inspected. The deck drains inspected included those having square and rectangular inlets, pipe drains, and scuppers (edge drains).

All types of deck drains appear susceptible to clogging. Large scuppers performed well. Also, simple straight drop pipes were less clog prone than complex piping systems. Recommendations are provided to minimize clogging problems.

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