The primary objectives of the study are as follows: 1) Develop functional specifications for an integrated truck monitoring system for use in Kentucky, 2) Determine the extent to which KYU numbers (unique identification for large trucks operating in Kentucky) are being displayed as required, 3) Examine the impact of the KYU numbering system on motor carrier operations, and 4) Determine the magnitude of the problems related to trucks using bypass routes to avoid inspection stations.

Accomplishments documented in this interim report include the following: 1) Field studies were conducted to determine the frequency of trucks bypassing inspection stations and compliance with the requirement to display a KYU number; 2) A review was made of Kentucky statutes and regulations to summarize requirements expected of trucks, truck operators, and motor carriers; 3) The current system for truck monitoring was described based on information obtained from individuals involved with truck monitoring and regulation; and 4) Estimates were made of the efficiency of collecting weight-distance and truck motor-fuel taxes.

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