The basic objective of this course is to provide background (introductory) technical information that will aid the manager of bridge/culvert installations. In most instances, information presented may not be sufficiently complete for the student to perform the required work. However, the intent is more to familiarize than to instruct In many instances, professional engineering and experienced labor are necessary to ensure successful completion of tasks. Once the local official responsible for bridges and culverts has completed this workshop, he should have a basic understanding of

  • the most common bridges/culverts encountered in counties and municipalities,
  • the major components of common bridge/culvert types and their functions,
  • common bridge/culvert materials,
  • material deterioration in bridge/culvert service,
  • various bridge/culvert maintenance requirements,
  • specific bridge/culvert rehabilitation techniques, and
  • decision-making procedures for bridge/culvert management

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