The purposes of this study were to evaluate the effects of hydrated lime on the soils from Section AA-19 of the Alexandria-Ashland Highway and determine if the engineering properties of the soils from Section AA-19 could be improved by lime stabilization. Soil samples used in the study were obtained by· the Kentucky Transportation Research Program on March 25, 1986. Three bag samples were collected from Section AA-19 (Lewis County, Kentucky) of the Alexandria-Ashland Highway, Stations 1630 (Sample A), 1495 (Sample B), and 1675+50 (Sample C), respectively. Based on a review of the geology of Section AA-19, the three sampling sites are directly underlain by the Crab Orchard Formation.

The study was authorized by contract dated April 4, 1986 (Purchase Order No. ML86-1248), between the Kentucky Transportation Research Program, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, and the Dravo Lime Company of Maysville, Kentucky. Authorization to proceed with the work was given by Mr. Ward Blakefield of the Dravo Lime Company. The scope and specific engineering services to be performed are outlined in the purchase order contract. Preliminary test results (1) were submitted to the Dravo Lime Company on July 30, 1986.

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