This report contains the analysis and retrofit of a steel truss bridge on KY 974 over Howard Creek in Clark County, Kentucky. The bridge had major corrosion and damage to the steel stringers, along with cracking and leaching occurring in the concrete bridge deck. The retrofit involves the replacement of the corroded steel stringers and the damaged concrete bridge deck. The original concrete deck was removed and replaced by light-weight high-strength aluminum deck panels. The aluminum deck panels, each 2-m wide, were assembled at the site and connected to each other and to the bottom steel stringers using special clamps and connectors. Following the new deck installation, the top surface was waterproofed and a new asphalt overlay was placed. The new bridge deck constructed of aluminum material significantly reduces the deck weight, while it also allows rapid construction due to prefabricated components. In addition, the new deck can now carry a HS20-44 truck weight, which the old concrete deck was not designed to carry.

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