This report documents the selection and sampling of 21 long-term pavement performance testing sites. Seven of those sites were also chosen to be a part of the LTPP portion of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP). All sites were sampled in accordance with SHRP protocol and procedures.

The report includes three years of visual distress data and pavement deflection data obtained by a Road Rater. There were wide variabilities in backcalculated subgrade moduli and asphaltic concrete moduli within each 500-foot test section.

Laboratory resilient modulus tests were performed on undisturbed samples of the subgrade and asphaltic concrete cores. Again, there was wide variability between laboratory resilient moduli and backcalculated moduli from field deflection.

A number of models were developed to permit estimation of pavement distresses with time, AADT's, or ESAL's. In addition, relationships were developed between laboratory and field data.

It is recommended that longer-term data be obtained, to refine the models and to make their estimations more accurate. The models developed in this study can estimate the service history of a pavement.

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