Archived Data User Service (ADUS) was added to the national ITS architecture in 1999 to enable multiple uses for ITS-generated data. In Kentucky, ARTIMIS and TRIMARC are collecting volume, speed, occupancy, length-based classification, and incident data on a continuous basis. This study developed the Kentucky Archived Data Management System (ADMS) to archive and disseminate data collected by sensors in ARTIMIS and TRIMARC systems. This system is designed to be the prototype of ITS data clearinghouse in Kentucky.

The Kentucky ADMS operates on a web server that allows users to retrieve traffic data (i.e., volume, speed, lane occupancy) in 15 minute increments from a GIS-based map. Some freeway performance measures such as AADT are also provided. Data quality control and assurance were also performed to identify the erroneous data items and/or records and to provide statistically more accurate estimates.

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