The Freight Movement and Intermodal Access in Kentucky Study (SPR 98-189), undertaken by the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) on behalf of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), has two main objectives. These objectives include 1) the evaluation of access for trucks between intermodal or other truck generating sites and the National Highway System (NHS) and 2) furthering the understanding of freight commodity flows throughout the state. This report summarizes the access evaluation for one facility located in Henry County in the KIPDA Area Development District (ADD) and KYTC Highway District #5. The location of the site is shown in Figure 1. Work on other specific sites as well as the freight commodity flow task are on-going and are documented elsewhere.

The sites to be evaluated were selected from two existing databases (a truck facility survey from 1994 and the intermodal facility inventory) based on ADD and KYTC Highway District planner recommendations, geographic location, distance to the NHS, and the number of trucks accessing the site. Consideration was also made for the freight type handled and transportation modes used.

The facility for study in this report is Safety Kleen in Smithfield, and the initial trip to the site revealed that there were no other significant sources of truck traffic in the vicinity. The site was visited for video recording on March 5, 1998 and the initial site visit for data collection was on July 3, 1998. Traffic counts were conducted by Presnell Associates for the KYTC Division of Planning between July 27 and July 29, 1998. Early into the study process, phone surveys were conducted so that facility managers could indicate the routes used by trucks and provide insight into potential access-limiting issues. The phone survey completed with this facility, which is found in Appendix A, indicated that approximately 60 trucks per day (120 one-way trips) are accessing the facility.

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