The purpose of this study was to: 1) assist KyTC in identifying protective coatings lor structural steel that would meet current and pending environmental regulations, I and 2) to evaluate overcoating procedures that would be cost-effective and provide regulatory (OSHA and EPA) compliance.

A coatings research program was conducted that included: 1) laboratory accelerated corrosion/weathering tests, 2) field exposure tests, and 3) experimental maintenance I painting of entire bridges by overcoating. Each of those tasks was intended to address different issues. Regulations concerning volatile organic compound limits lor coating systems used in new construction were studied and recommendations provided to KyTC on new systems that would provide potential advantages in application I and performance.

The laboratory testing was used to evaluate seven candidate overcoating systems and three new construction coatings systems. Field exposure tests consisted of coatings patches applied to bridges and scrap steel. Those tests provided useful information concerning the durability of candidate maintenance coatings and the practicality of experimental application procedures. Eighteen complete bridge maintenance painting projects were conducted the KyTC experimental overcoating program that employed experimental specifications and coatings system. Those projects were inspected prior to, during and subsequent to completion. Long-term performance of most projects has been very good.

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