There has been a need to expand the route log in order to have a more comprehensive and up-to-date log to accurately locate information on the highway system. The objectives of this study were to: 1) expand the current route log resulting in a more comprehensive route log file containing milepoints for all intersections on state maintained roads and any other needed reference points and 2) recommend a procedure for establishing milepoints and maintaining the file with up-to-date information.

Two types of output resulted from the study. One was an expanded route log computer file. The added milepoints were additional intersections between a state maintained and other public roads. While all intersections could not be included because of such problems as not having a name to assign to the intersecting public road, the number of intersections was increased dramatically. The second output was a detailed procedure describing the method used to assign milepoints and a recommended procedure to maintain the file. The use of these guidelines will enable the use of consistent procedures across the state.

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