The Riverside Parkway comprises some 3.2 miles of elevated steel (plate-girder) in downtown Louisville having approximately 24,054 tons of steel. The structures had existing coatings that contained lead. The project posed significant operational and public safety and operational constraints due to close proximity of the structures with residences and businesses along the entire route. In 1996, the KYTC Paint Team developed experimental specifications to re-paint the Parkway by overcoating. Surface preparation procedures included 3,000-psi pressure washing and power-tool cleaning. Containment enclosures were employed throughout the project and hazardous wastes were collected and disposed of. The Parkway spans were painted with a brushed-on spot coat and full brushed-on intermediate coat of aluminum-pigmented moisture cure polyurethane primer and rolled or spray-applied topcoat of high-gloss acrylic polyurethane. The project was let at a cost of about $1.20/ft2. The painting project began in September 1996 and was successfully completed in June 1998. A follow-up inspection in June 1999 revealed that the project was performing exceeding well despite its low cost.

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