As directed by Legislative action, a traffic safety study for the A-A Highway was to be conducted in fiscal year 1999-2000. An excerpt from the 1998-2000 budget and the Budget Memorandum included the following language related to the scope and direction of the study:

“The Department of Highways shall conduct an intensive traffic accident study on the A-A highway in fiscal year 1999-2000. It shall include an analysis of visibility, signage,lighting, turn lanes, and road striping at each public and private access. The accidents shall be identified by location and by fatalities, major injury, non injury, and minor injury. Causes for the accidents shall be summarized and recommendations made to reduce the high level of accidents on the A-A highway. A public hearing shall be held on the results of the study at a convenient location along the A-A Highway Corridor.”

Therefore, the objectives of this study were to: a) review the crash history of the A-A Highway to determine the number and rate of crashes, b) identify any high-crash locations, c) determine the characteristics of crashes occurring on this highway, and d) review the roadway characteristics and existing conditions (sight distances, traffic control, etc.) on the highway, and e) recommend countermeasures to address the types of collisions found in the analysis.

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