Remote sensing devices have been implemented on the I-64 Bridges over US60 in Franklin County, KY. One of the girders in the westbound bridge has been previously repaired due to unexpected fatigue cracking. The exterior girder in the eastbound bridge has shown signs of impacts due to the traversing trucks on US60. Sensing and recording devices such as strain and temperature gauges, infrared sensors, ultrasonic height detectors, and an accelerometer have been installed. Specifically, eleven strain gauges are used on the repaired girder, impacted girders, and girders adjacent to them. Two sets of infrared sensors, ultrasonic detectors, and video cameras are placed to capture the impacting truck(s). Overall structural responses will be studied through data collected from the strain and temperature gauges, and accelerometer.

Data are stored on-site, but the investigator has the flexibility of transmitting or viewing the data, live or stored, via an internet connection.

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KTC-11-01/SPR 260-03-1F

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