This report summarizes the efforts to provide the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet with a system for evaluating the quality of the performance of contractors on highway construction projects and using that evaluation in the Cabinet’s annual prequalification process for contractors. Contacts with several other state departments of transportation were made to identify best practices and concerns. An advisory committee of experienced KyTC engineers plus Kentucky contractor representatives met extensively to develop the final performance evaluation documents to be used in the process.

A performance evaluation process was developed to evaluate a contractor’s work on projects and the results from all of the contractor’s projects used in the annual prequalification process. A performance evaluation process was also developed to allow contractors to evaluate the performance of the Cabinet’s Department of Highways (DOH) on projects.

These new evaluation processes will begin implementation in December, 2001. Once implemented, the new process will enable the Cabinet to evaluate the performance of contractors on its projects and to recognize performance more accurately in the prequalification process. It will also be able to use the input from contractors on the DOH’s performance for quality improvement of its own processes and practices.

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