The resistance to electro-chemical corrosion, high-strength to weight ratio, larger creep strain, fatigue resistance, non-magnetic and non-metallic properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites offer a viable alternative to bonding of steel plates in repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures. The objective of this investigation is to study the effectiveness of externally bonded CFRP sheets or fabric in increasing the flexural strength of concrete beams. Four-point bending flexural tests are conducted up to failure on nine concrete beams strengthened with different layouts of CFRP sheets and fabric, and three beams with different layouts of anchored CFRP sheets. An analytical procedure, based on compatibility of deformations and equilibrium of forces, is presented to predict the flexural behavior of beams strengthened with FRP sheets and fabric. Comparisons are made between the test results and the analytical calculations.

Results of the testing showed that the flexural strength is increased up to 40% on beams strengthened with two layers of CFRP fabric, 49% for beams strengthened with two 1.42 mm thick CFRP sheets, and 58% on beams strengthened with two anchored 4.78 mm CFRP sheets.

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