The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) at the University of Kentucky conducted a research study with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) to monitor various experimental bridge painting projects. The research study Kentucky Highways Investigative Task (KHIT) No: 31 “Experimental Maintenance Painting on Various Bridge Projects During 1997-1998” covered experimental bridge projects completed through the FY 1997 and FY 1998 painting seasons (April 1 through November 15) were monitored and reported. The objectives of the research study were to:

  • assess the condition of the existing paint on bridge prior to maintenance painting,
  • monitor the project throughout completion,
  • note problems and their resolution,
  • assess the condition of the final product, and
  • report on observations of the experimental projects.

The experimental projects included in this study are 1) KY 89 over Red River on the Estill-Clark Co. Line, 2) US 25 over Southern Railroad in Grant Co., 3) KY 55 over Beech Fork River on the Washington-Nelson Co. Line, 4) US 68 over Stoner Creek in Bourbon Co., 5) US 150 over Norfolk Southern Railroad in Boyle Co., 6) I-64 (23 various steel bridges and over 1000 steel rockers on 57 various concrete bridges) in Fayette, Clark, Montgomery, Bath, Carter, Rowan, and Boyd Co.’s, and 7) I-75 (14 various steel bridges and over 1000 steel rockers on 43 various concrete bridges) in Madison, Rockcastle, Laurel, and Whitley Co.’s. KTC personnel monitored the above projects frequently and thoroughly as part of the study.

The various experimental features incorporated into the specification are 1) use of proprietary and Kentucky Standard Specification coatings systems, 2) new mechanical surface preparation techniques incorporating vacuum-shrouded tools and visual inspection standards, 3) higher washing pressures (than past projects), and the use of spinner pressure washing nozzles, 4) collection of paint debris during washing and cleaning operations along with procedures for handling and disposing of industrial and hazardous wastes, 5) use of full prime coat applications in lieu of spot priming, and 6) quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) provisions. Field monitoring during the maintenance painting of these bridges focused on KYTC inspection to: 1) determine training needs, 2) assess quality of inspection, 3) identify inspection elements requiring improvement and 4) provide recommendations for specific steps to improve inspection. KTC researchers also monitored the contractors’ processing of hazardous wastes.

The other projects that were randomly monitored were 1) US 62 Bridge Located over KY River at the Tyrone-Woodford Co. Line in Anderson Co., 2) KY 1856 over Chaplin River South of Webster Road in Boyle Co., 3) KY 974 over Dry Fork Creek near the Intersection of Kidd’s Road in Clark Co., 4) KY 3369 over Log Lick Creek 0.837 miles East of KY 974 in Clark Co., 5) KY 29 over Marrowbone Creek 0.30 mile Southwest of KY 90 in Cumberland Co., 6) US 60B Eastbound and Westbound Lane over US 431 near Owensboro in Daviess Co., 7) Main Street at North City Limits of Brownsville (KY 70) over Green River at Brownsville in Edmonson Co., 8) KY 89 over Station Camp Creek 0.40 mile South of KY 52 in Estill Co., 9) New Circle Road (KY 4) over Richmond Road (US 25) in Lexington in Fayette Co., 10) KY 1426 over Beaver Creek 6.0 miles from Jct. US 23 at Allen in Floyd Co., 11) KY 1426 over Rt. Fork of Beaver

Creek 6.10 miles from Jct. US 23 at Allen in Floyd Co., 12) US 62 over Slough of Rolling Fork 0.10 miles West of Nelson Co. in Hardin Co., 13) US 62 over Rolling fork on the Nelson-Hardin Co. Line, 14) KY 1985 over Tates Creek 0.029 mile West of KY 169 in Madison Co., 15) KY 1274 over Licking River at the Menifee Co. Line in Rowan Co., 16) KY 1685 over Glenn’s Creek near Intersection with KY 1659 in Woodford Co., and 17) KY 8 Bridge over Kinniconnick Creek (MP 27.124) in Lewis Co. KTC researchers were involved in those projects at the request of KYTC personnel with an understanding that no reporting would be done for these projects. The above listed bridges were let and finished by the end of fiscal year 1996 before KHIT 31 was approved.

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