This report addresses issues related to transferring the responsibility for quality control from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KyTC) to construction contractors. Surveys of the KyTC, other state departments of transportation, and Kentucky highway contractors were done to identify the advantages, concerns, and modifications of the Contractor Performed Quality Control (CPQC) program. An advisory committee of experienced KyTC engineers, FHWA representatives, and contractor representatives met periodically to identify approaches for handling key issues of the program.

Several key topics related to CPQC are presented in this report, with emphasis on quality control (QC) /quality assurance (QA) administration, QC/QA procedures, quality acceptance and verification testing, and CPQC training. Specific issues related to CPQC pay items in Kentucky are also discussed. Several recommendations have been proposed to enhance the program.

If properly implemented, CPQC can improve a contractor’s work performance and help relieve the State’s burden for inspection. Additional monitoring of the program is necessary to make further improvements and to include other pay items.

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