Constructibility is defined by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Subcommittee on Construction as “a process that utilizes construction personnel with extensive construction knowledge early in the design stages of projects to ensure that the projects are buildable, while also being cost-effective, biddable, and maintainable” A successful constructibility review process for a transportation agency must follow an established methodology similar to value engineering. The process must be flexible and address the critical issues impacting transportation construction projects, such as ease of construction, environmental factors, construction phasing and scheduling, project safety, and accommodation of future maintenance and operations. To obtain maximum benefit from a constructibility review, it must be initiated early in the planning phase of the project and continue through design and construction.

Several key topics related to CRP are presented in this report, with emphasis on the KyTC Project Development Process, and constructibility input to this process. Several recommendations have been proposed to enhance the program.

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