This report investigates the application of various reinforcement types in concrete bridge decks as potential replacements or supplements to conventional steel reinforcement. Traditional epoxy coated reinforcement (ECS), stainless steel clad (SSC) reinforcement, MMFX microcomposite reinforcement, and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) reinforcement were evaluated. Tests were conducted to determine the material properties of each reinforcement type. Full-scale two-span reinforced concrete deck specimens were load tested to evaluate their performance. CFRP reinforcement was deployed in a single-span bridge located on Elkin Station Road in Clark County, KY. The SSC and MMFX reinforcements were each placed in a separate span in a two-span bridge located on Galloway Road in Scott County, KY. Results of the laboratory investigation showed that bridge decks reinforced with ECS, SSC, MMFX, and CFRP reinforcements satisfy the AASHTO Specification strength requirements.

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