The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has an immense traffic data collection program that is an essential source for many other programs. The Division of Planning processes traffic volume counts annually. These counts are maintained in the Counts Database (CTS), which contains over 20,000 separate station locations and some traffic counts from as early as 1963.

The Division of Planning currently collects traffic volume counts for all non-interstate routes on a revolving three year basis. Years wherein actual counts are not performed are supplemented with estimates generated by a FORTRAN program. Estimates are projected using prior actual counts by weighted linear regression methods. If an actual count is performed during the fiscal year, this count then replaces the estimated count. These traffic volume counts, both actual and estimated, are compiled into the Traffic Volume System (TVS).

The focus of this project was to research potential estimating methods to fulfill the above mentioned requests and to analyze possible contributing factors to traffic volume counts such as traffic growth, population, and economic development.

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