The report documents the retrofit work carried out on the KY3297 Bridge over Little Sandy River in Carter County, Kentucky. Field investigation and evaluation revealed that the bridge superstructure was deficient in shear. The repair work was carried out using externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) fabric system. The repair, using externally bonded fiber system, offers the following benefits: (1) the use of light construction equipment, hand kits and tools, (2) minimal traffic disruption as all lanes were open to traffic while work was being performed underneath the bridge, and (3) cost saving; the cost for the repair and 3-years monitoring was USD $105,000.00 compared to the estimated superstructure replacement cost of USD $600,000.00. The repair began in June 2001 and was completed in October 2001. After the repair, crack gauges were used to monitor all shear cracks that existed in the bridge. Inspection of the bridge was carried out at specific intervals from October 2001 to July 2005. No crack movement has been observed during the inspections. This indicates that the retrofit was a success.

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