In order to extend commercial vehicle enforcement coverage to routes that are not monitored by fixed weigh stations, Kentucky has developed and implemented a Remote Monitoring System (RMS) and a Virtual Weigh Station (VWS). The RMS captures images of passing trucks (from the side) and transmits those images to a nearby weigh station. Station personnel can view the images, read the USDOT number, and check the number against Kentucky’s Clearinghouse of motor carrier data. When a problem is detected with the carrier’s registration, taxes, or safety record, an officer can be dispatched to intercept the truck, perform the necessary checks, and, if appropriate, take corrective action. The VWS provides the same functionality as the RMS, but adds a weigh-in-motion system, so that enforcement personnel can also screen trucks for apparent weight violations. Preliminary assessments of the performance of the RMS and VWS have been performed. This report describes the RMS and VWS concepts, discusses the results of the preliminary assessments, and presents recommendations for moving forward with additional deployments and testing.

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