Delivering safe mobility for all users of the transportation system is a key priority of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). Because many system users rely on pedestrian and bicycle facilities, it is critical for KYTC to balance pedestrian and bicycle facility accommodations with those for motorized users. Currently, the Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT) — the Cabinet’s systematic approach to scoring and prioritizing proposed roadway projects — awards up to five points (out of a possible total of 100) for pedestrian and bicycle projects. But the agency lacks a robust method for estimating the benefits of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Based on a benefit-cost tool initially published in NCHRP Report 552, this report describes the development of a spreadsheet tool that can be used to estimate the benefits of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The principal benefit of the proposed method is that it leverages accessible datasets to estimate the benefits of pedestrian and bicycle facilities given a specified level of demand. Practitioners can employ the spreadsheet tool with ease. Researchers used the spreadsheet tool to model the benefits generated by SHIFT 2024 projects. Future work on the tool should focus on validating its outputs — to confirm estimated benefits are realistic for different project contexts — and improving large-scale efforts to gather data on pedestrian and bicycle volumes.

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