The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Division of Planning’s Highway Information Systems (HIS) database provides geometric information about horizontal and vertical curves, but its accuracy is unknown. An updated method of pavement analysis collects data by scanning the pavement as a van equipped with Mandli software drives the area of interest. The scans provide detailed information that can be used to calculate roadway geometry characteristics (e.g., curve radius, cross slope/superelevation, and grade). This study evaluated the ability of the Mandli data to support curve advisory calculations and find a way to utilize Mandli data to improve the existing HIS database. To this end, the report includes a literature review to determine applicability of data, a series of data validation steps to define Mandli’s accuracy, and an evaluation of tools that convert Mandli into usable HIS data. The data attributes of focus are horizontal curve radius, grade, and cross slope. Horizontal curve radii values were evaluated using University of Nevada Reno’s ArcMAP plugin, Florida DOT’s curvature extension tool, and the University of Kentucky’s Curvature Automatic Tool (UKCAT). These tools were tested for usability, efficiency, and accuracy. Vertical curve attributes, including grade and cross slope, were evaluated by comparing Mandli data to manual field measurements, design plans, and other data collection methods. After data collection and analysis, researchers outline a newly developed method for converting Mandli data into a usable form and implementing it in HIS.

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