This project evaluated the ability of concrete sealants to impede the ingress of chloride ions into concrete bridge decks. Laboratory testing evaluated 24 concrete-penetrating sealants and four film-forming products. The products were selected based on survey results from adjacent state transportation agencies. KTC assisted the KYTC in developing Special Notes for applying four experimental sealants to two bridges (B00056L & B00056R) located on Interstate 471, over 6th Street in New Port, Kentucky. The sealants chosen for the field-testing were intended to reduce the ingress of chloride ions when deicing materials are applied to road surfaces. Pre- and post-application friction test data were collected – three of the four sealants increased friction resistance. The ongoing performance of sealants will be evaluated as part of a long-term monitoring plan.

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KTC-14-4/FRT194, SPR388-12-1F

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