This paper reports on the results of research that was funded by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KyTC) to develop a new method for determining construction contract time for its highway construction contracts. The current and other DOT systems were analyzed to determine how a new system could provide better estimated duration. It was pre-determined that a PC computer based system was best suited. The development of the system input was developed from KyTC engineers with construction experience. The study advisory committee worked with Kentucky Transportation Center research engineers to develop the basis for the new contract time determination system, called KY-CTDS.

The KY-CTDS program provides a conceptual estimating tool for predicting construction contract time for the Kentucky Department of Highways. It uses the pre-determined project classifications with only the major activities that control the project duration. Production rates and activity relationships were determined and are included in the program. Final adjustments in the project can be easily made by KyTC engineers. This system utilizes Microsoft Project® 98 and Microsoft Excel® Version 7.0 software operating on a personal computer. System outputs include a graphical bar chart schedule for estimating the contract time for bidding purposes. System output may also help in resolving construction disputes. The program is not suitable for detailed scheduling of construction operations.

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