This report summarizes the effort to provide the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet with an evaluation of the results obtained for the Paris to Lexington Road Reconstruction Project from 1997 to 2001. A unique pre-qualification process was used for the project to select a fixed pool of contractor to provide input to the design and to bid on the work. The research started in 1996 during the design process and continued following construction until September of 2001.

Input was received from the Cabinet personnel working on the project, from the design firms, from the contractors, from the property owners involved, and from the citizen's advisory committee overseeing the project. This was an environmentally sensitive project requiring special design and construction practices to meet the project objectives.

An evaluation was done on 15 key project attributes and the project cost. Although more expensive than traditional highway projects the project was very successful. It is an example of how a highway department can successfully partner with the other stakeholders in a historic and environmentally sensitive project. Several observations and conclusions are included in the report.

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