The Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation is exploring the possibility of developing and implementing online driver’s license renewal. The objective of this project was to: 1) evaluate online driver’s license and REAL ID renewal programs in other states to identify best practices; 2) examine two options to institute online renewal; and 3) identify what legislative changes would be required in Kentucky to authorize an online renewal program. KTC surveyed 25 states with online license renewal programs in place, and received responses from 14 states. Survey respondents indicated that online renewal is more efficient, improves customer service, cuts down on foot traffic in branch offices, and promotes cost savings. Respondents reported that development, workflows, and organization structures associated with online renewal have not been particularly disruptive or expensive. KTC researchers examined two options for implementing online renewal: a print farm operated in Frankfort, Kentucky or centralized production and distribution by a third party vendor. Two vendors submitted cost estimates to KTC. Implementation of an online renewal option in the Commonwealth will take 6 to 12 months. To implement either solution, KYTC will require legislative approval from the Kentucky General Assembly to increase fees for each license class. It would have to amend state law as well to authorize the production and distribution of licenses by a third party.

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