During 2013, the Kentucky Transportation Center identified 117 potential performance metrics for the ten databases in the Kentucky Traffic Records System. This report summarizes the findings of three main tasks completed in 2014: (1) assessment of the utility of each metric and/or the availability of data; (2) collection of data on the metrics deemed useful with available data; and (3) assessment the possibility of incorporating a number of the Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) elements into the CRASH database. Interviews with liaisons for each database reduced the number of metrics from 117 to 51. The reason for rejecting the metric as useless is provided in two tables. Data on the useful and data available metrics is reported in one or more tables for each database. The review of the CRASH database for compliance with MMUCC found that 470 of 682 elements are currently MMUCC compliant. A total of 137 elements could be added to the CRASH database, which would render it 89% MMUCC compliant. A list of tentative conclusions is provided.

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