The objective of this effort was to determine if elementary and middle school students could be educated to use reflective armbands to increase their visibility to motorists while walking or bicycling to school. The number of armbands and surveys distributed totaled slightly over 7,000. Responses were received from approximately 12 percent (873) of the pre-surveys and slightly over 3 percent (119) of the post-surveys. Respondents to the survey indicated nearly 15 percent of schoolchildren receiving reflective armbands were wearing the armband “every day” or “most days”. Of the parents responding, 21 percent indicated their children would continue to wear the armband on their travel to and from school. The armbands were generally well received by the students, with more enthusiasm by the younger students. The fact that the reflective armbands were removable was problematic to heir effectiveness. Considering the necessity to remove and reapply the armband each time it is to be used, the device may be better suited for adults.

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