Highway locations having an abnormal history of accidents should be identifiable in some way. Average and critical accident numbers and rates must be known for similar locations. Averages have been determined previously for rural highways, but it is necessary to update those numbers and to determine rates for urban areas. A detailed picture of traffic accidents in Kentucky in 1978 is presented.

Average rates in terms of accidents per 100 million vehicle-miles (160 million vehicle-kilometers) were calculated for various classifications of rural and urban highways. Also, average rates in terms of accidents per million vehicles were determined for 0.3-mile (0.48-km) highway spots. Using these averages, critical accident rates were determined as a function of volume and section length and as a function of volume only for spots. The average and critical number of total accidents and EPDO accidents were calculated for each highway type. Rates were calculated by region of the state and as a function of several variables listed on the statewide mileage file. Rates by light condition and pavement surface condition were also determined. Rate calculations included about one-half of the accidents reported in 1978. Separate analyses of all accidents reported and of all fatal accidents are included.

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