This report documents the performance data obtained by the Research Labratory in connection with field service tests and laboratory tests on traffic paint samples submitted by prospective suppliers for 1954. On the basis of these data and the adjudged performance of the samples offered, invitations to bid will be issued to any or all suppliers offering worthy materials. (See Division of Purchases's Memorandum of January 7, 1953 in Appendix) Winning bidders should be bound by oath to supply the same formulation of materials as furnished in the qualifying samples, and they should be further bound by such tests and analyses as may be considered necessary by the Dpeartment of Highways in establishing verification.

Under this system of procurement, it should be understood by the vendor and so stated in the contracts that all materials must be supplied in a usable condition without requiring additional diluents or laborious remixing. Failure of any material to meet these prime requirements, all other factors being equal, can only be construed as reasonable cause for rejecting a shipment or forfeiture of the contract.

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