In general, the objectives of this study were to identify and solve various issues in linking pavement performance related database. The detailed objectives were: to evaluate the state-of-the-art in information technology for data integration and data mining, to review the existing KyTC databases and study their potentiality for being linked for pavement performance evaluation, to prepare data linking alternatives for the KyTC’s review, to prepare an implementation plan for linking pavement related databases. The study reviewed the current practices of data integration by other organizations that face the similar challenges as KyTC. In addition, a review was conducted of the current major data sources in KyTC for possible integration. By using an example to examine the requirement for pavement performance modeling, the study identified pieces of important information currently missing.

The following recommendations were made: the missing critical information should be added to the existing or future databases; it is recommended that whenever a database is updated in the future, the existing data should be well archived; data integrity and consistency should be checked when an engineer or operator adds data to a database; based on the status of current data in KyTC, it is recommended that an offline separate database can be made by extracting critical information from historical and existing data sources to serve the purpose of pavement analysis; the data processing method used in this study may be used to update other existing data sources; the basic information of a pavement section can be queried through a GIS map. In the future, the GIS map, along with the concise offline database, can be posted online for reviewing and downloading.

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