This report has been prepared to describe the history and present condition of a landslide area on Interstate Route I-75 in Covington, Kentucky, This landslide is one of several to be studied as part of a research project on the "Development of a Practical Method of Locating and Tracing Seepage Water in Unstable Slopes. " On April 10, 1963, a request was submitted to the Bureau of Public Roads to change the Work Program HPS-1(24) to include this research project. Approval was received on May 2, 1963. Work done on this research project prior to May 2 was at Department of Highway expense with work accomplished since being done on a participating basis.

An attempt will be made to give the history of earth movement at this particular site and to describe the condition of the area at the present time. This discussion will be presented in chronological order using photographs and sketches to illustrate the situation.

A site plan of the general area of earth movement is shown in Figure 1. The details shown in black in this figure represent features that were being constructed or had been constructed at the time the first earth movement was noted.

Plans are being made to attempt to locate and trace the paths of water that may be contributing factors in this landslide movement. Various techniques are being given serious consideration for this purpose and include the use of fluorescent dyes, radioactive tracers and the electrical resistivity apparatus.

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