Which change orders tend to have the greatest impact on Kentucky transportation projects? How can I avoid them on future projects? If I do have a change order, what process can I follow to estimate a fair price for both the Cabinet and the Contractor? These are some of the questions that were addressed by research project Change Orders and Lessons Learned (KYSPR 09‐384) at the University of Kentucky’s Kentucky Transportation Center.

Why the Need for this Supplement?

Traditional research reports through the Kentucky Transportation Center contain a significant amount of scientific and technical discussion regarding the research activities and ultimately how these activities satisfied the project’s objectives. The research report for KYSPR‐09‐384 is no exception. That report fully describes the data mining, statistical analyses, literature reviews, and field interviews that went into developing the results. While these activities and supporting discussions need to be archived through traditional technical reports for future researchers and to answer technical questions on behalf of the Cabinet, a resource that clearly presents the results in a form that is quickly and effectively useful to the Cabinet is needed. This supplement is an implementation resource that presents the products of KYSPR 09‐384 without going into the details of the analyses that lead to the creation of the products. The KYSPR‐09‐384 full technical report contains the full depth of the analyses and supporting discussion if the reader should so choose to need further detail than contained herein.

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