The primary object of this proposed research is to investigate existing procedures or develop new means for evaluating the adhesive capacity of bituminous materials when applied to mineral aggregates. This includes bituminous materials in combination with additives or so-called anti-stripping agents; hence, the scope of the project includes:

  1. A study of aggregates for hydrophyllic or hydrophobic properties as related to different types of bitumen, and the selection of a standard aggregate by which the adhesion of bituminous materials themselves may be judged.
  2. Comparison of grades and sources of bituminous materials with respect to power of adhesion to (or tendencies to strip from) different aggregates, both when used separately and when combined with anti-stripping agents.
  3. Evaluation of different products sold commercially as additives to prevent stripping.

The ultimate aim is to establish acceptance tests and specifications that can be applied to both the bituminous materials and the additives.

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