Favorable experience with dense-graded bases containing calcium chloride created interest in similar mixtures containing only water as a bonding agent. As a result of this interest, a project for base and surface construction was set up on the Phil-Fine Grove Road in Casey County (See Fig. 1) to permit study of this method of base construction. The work was carried out during the period of August to October, 1953.

The pavement, which is 11.62 mi. long, was constructed by contract. It had 2 in. of traffic-bound base (creek gravel) and appeared to be in rather uniform condition with few obviously weak areas. Courses cconstructed in this project were a 3-in. dense-graded base overlain by 1.5 in. of Class C-1 bituminous surface. Aggregate used in both courses consisted entirely of crushed limestone. An RT-2 prime of approximately 0.3 gal. per sq. yd. was applied to the densegraded base prior to surfacing.

The principle objectives of the project were; to determine the feasibility of using dense-graded bases without additives, other than water; and to establish construction methods which avoid raveling or disintergration of the base prior to surfacing.

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