This study addresses experimental evaluation and testing of concrete coatings for maintenance purposes on structural (steel reinforced) concrete. The test methods employed are intended to identify coatings and sealers for eventual incorporation into a qualified products list for structural concrete coatings. Some of the methods/procedures used in this study will be used in the future to evaluate additional coatings and sealers. Developmental work focused on identifying relevant coatings systems and laboratory tests. The objectives of experimental project monitoring were to: 1) identify existing viable concrete coatings along with their properties/ characteristics/surface preparation requirements and determine effective acceptance/evaluation tests for those coatings; 2) provide a compendium of concrete coatings/properties/tests for consideration by KYTC; 3) evaluate laboratory tests of promising concrete coatings and develop new test procedures if existing ones prove unacceptable for KYTC purposes; 4) use those tests to evaluate KYTC-approved coatings; 5) conduct field tests of candidate coatings on existing structures; and 6) provide KYTC with a range of effective concrete bridge coatings and guidelines for selecting them to provide the best benefits to bridges. This report provides a summary of the coatings systems tested and the overall results/findings of this research study.

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