New erosion control procedures (ECP) have recently been implemented by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). Previously, consultants and designers developed the ECP as a part of the design plans. In many cases these did not work in the field. The new procedures allow construction personnel to develop and implement their own ECPs on site.

This study conducted a survey of construction personnel in the KYTC to determine their level of familiarity with the new ECPs and to determine any issues that may have developed with the new procedures. The results of the survey concluded that most KYTC construction personnel were somewhat familiar with the new ECPs. Most respondents to the survey did not indicate any major issues with the ECPs. However, most respondents indicated they would like to have more training.

It was recommended that an additional survey be conducted, in the future, two or three years after implementation of these new ECPs to determine if additional changes need to be made. It was further recommended that all new construction personnel be required to be trained in the new ECPs.

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