The Geotechnical Branch of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) prepares technical reports that contain drawings, explanations, and recommendations for road and structure construction projects in Kentucky. These design reports, once complete, also serve as historical reference materials for new projects and are utilized by State contractors, regional transportation offices, as well as the KYTC staff in Frankfort, KY. In order to reduce the support needed to distribute these documents to their constituents, the KYTC required a Web-based system for storing and disseminating the reports. The system developed under this project allows KYTC staff to upload an electronic document from any Web-accessible location and catalog the contents of the reports into a relational database. A map interface was developed to facilitate locating projects with varying kinds of geographic reference on a topographic base. Once entered into the system, reports can be identified and viewed using either a text-based or map-based search tool.

The data entry forms were developed as dynamic Web pages using Active Server Pages (ASP) scripting language. The document upload functionality is managed with a third party software product called AspUpload (© Persits Software, Inc.). The data entry program collects metadata about the operator for tracking, and catalogs information about the project’s geographic location, purpose, geologic context, and the nature of the included documents. Projects can be located by a number of methods, including county name, route name, road intersection, and milepoint identifiers, 7.5-minute quadrangle name, and place names. Minimum and maximum coordinate extents can be assigned using an interactive Web map, and these rectangular areas are managed in a database to permit viewing on the map. Drill hole coordinate lists can be uploaded, re-projected, and posted on the map as an alternative method of locating the extent of a project.

A Web-based search form was developed to allow users to find reports according to geographic and other descriptive characteristics of the projects. Over 4000 reports, approximately 70 percent of the library, are currently accessible from the system.

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