During the past two decades an increasing mileage of portland cement concrete pavements has been resurfaced with bituminous concrete. This has generally proven to be a satisfactory and economical method of restoring, improving and enhancing the traffic service life of the highways. After a short period, however, cracks often begin to appear over the joints and cracks of the underlying concrete pavement. This condition is commonly referred to as "reflection cracking".

The presence of these reflection cracks are undesirable for a number of reasons. The open crack that develops may permit water to penetrate, often causing rave ling of the bituminous overlay as well as the disintegration of the concrete or the softening of the subgrade. The cracks do present an unsightly appearance and may widen and deepen sufficiently to cause a decrease in riding quality as welt as an increase in road noise. The maintenance of these cracks also presents special problems.

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