The Department's study began late in 1962 and was undertaken as a review and analysis of the main body of highway law; but, of course, any subsequential objectives--stated or implied-remained contingent upon and would become a natural consequence of the first-mentioned type of inquiry and the improbablity of discovery. Undoubtedly, the Department was influenced by and was under inducement of the Bureau of Public Roads in this undertaking, The review-and-analysis phase was accomplished, in part, by the School of Law, University of Louisville, acting under contract (CH119 36, dated November 15, 1962) which was subsequently dissolved (9-30-63); a draft report issued therefrom (October 1963) and remains the principal instrument of the study. Subsequent phases, as originally proposed, were suspended-thereby rendering intangible any accrual of direct benefits gained from the review and analysis. Nevertheless, the summary, which follows, reflects implied, emergent, and perhaps latent, influences of the study.

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