The initial work plan included the development of a classification system based on index tests. An investigation of previous works in classification of rock on the basis of index tests showed that a variety of classification systems utilizing many different index tests had been developed. However, this survey showed that no generally applicable system had been developed and that little communication had been established between field investigators, facility designers, and those in charge of construction and maintenance of facilities. Therefore, the initial plan for work was modified to include the development of a comprehensive methodology for evaluation of rock. The development of such an evaluation schema was to include the establishment of an information bank to provide access to collected data by any interested individual. The first step in the development of this rock evaluation program was a survey of the categories of information that have been collected concerning geologic materials, particularly rock strata. On the basis of this investigation of existing data, a method was devised to collect, categorize, and present more extensive data on rock materials. The general schema for the evaluation program was then developed. At the present time, a research effort is continuing to test and verify the validity of the evaluation program which has been developed. A final step in this effort will be a full implementation of the rock evaluation program for project planning in Kentucky.

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