The purposes and objectives of this study are: 1) to evaluate the application and performance characteristics of hot-melt plastic, pavement-striping materials which are presently prominent and known commercially as "Catatherm" and "Perma-Line"; 2) to compare the performance of these materials with the performance of painted stripes applied and renewed according to the current practices of the Kentucky Department of Highways; and 3) to evaluate the economics of these striping materials in terms of cost per mile per day of useful life. The project is described more fully in the "Proposal ... " (approved by Division Engineer, September 7, 1962) and in Report No. 1 (pre-Construction Report) submitted September 19, 1962. Report No. 2 (Interim Construction Report) was submitted in April, 1963; and Report No. 3 (Final Construction and Interim Performance Report) was submitted May 15, 1964. Attachment No. 1 shows the location of the test sites.

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